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Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridge for Moldex® 7000/9000 Respirator

, 7600
QC Supply Part #: 390215
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Cartridge selection and training just got easier!


Cartridge Selection and Training Just Got Easier!

The Moldex® Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart® Cartridge replaces up to five gas/vapor cartridges, reducing the possibility of cartridge misuse. 100% PVC-free.

NIOSH Approved For: Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Methylamine, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Formaldehyde, and Hydrogen Sulfide

Applications: Degreasing, forging, foundries, heat treating operations, paper making, rendering, rubber manufacturing, manufacture and use of adhesives, dry cleaning, pesticide or fumigant manufacture and application, treatment of timber and wood products, manufacture and use of inks, printing, manufacture of cosmetic preparations, perfumes and pharmaceuticals, flour bleaching, agriculture, tobacco industry, mining, trucking, manufacture of roofing and asphalt products, petrochemical plants. Aluminum processing, electroplating, lime kilns, rayon textile plants, etching and polishing of glass, chemical processing, manufacture of paints and dyes, soap making, timber preserving, laboratories, uranium enrichment, coal-fired utilities, fluorocarbon and fluoride production, ceramics and cement work, fertilizer manufacture, preserving food and wine, fiberglass manufacture, treatment of leather hides, petroleum distillation, pulp and paper manufacture, foundries, and smelters. Manufacture of fertilizer, textiles, paper or rubber, synthesis of nitric acid, synthetic resins, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, extraction of metal ores,treatment of scrap metal, petroleum refining, photographic chemicals, blueprinting, electroplating, production of dyes. Synthesis of formaldehyde resins, chelating agents and dyes, textile manufacturing, tanning operations, manufacture of particle board, plywood, sandpaper, grinding wheels, embalming.

Use with N95 (#390014), or P100 (#390020) Particulate Filters (both sold separately) against even more combinations of contaminants. Moldex® 7000 Half Mask Reusable Respirator (#390200) and Moldex® 9000 Full Mask Reusable Respirator (#390205) sold separately.

Priced and sold per pair.

Brand Moldex
Manufacturer Part Number 7600



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