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Modine® 3" or 4" Tee Cap

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Modine® 3" Tee Cap 21310
Modine® 4" Tee Cap 21311

3" or 4" Tee Cap for 3" or 4" Tee used in conjunction with a Hot Dawg Heater installation.

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All installation and service of these units should be performed by a qualified installation and service agency including the use of Modine’s installation and service manuals which are specifically intended for use by a qualified installation and service agency.

#21310 — 3" Tee Cap for 3" Tee for Modine® Hot Dawg® Heater Installation.
#21311 — 4" Tee Cap for 4" Tee for Modine® Hot Dawg® Heater Installation.

For use on Modine® Hot Dawg® Heaters where sidewall venting is allowed by local code. UL listed. This pipe is made of AL29-4c stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and structure strength. Also features factory-adhered gaskets for air-tight fit between joints with ring tab locking mechanism to keep fittings together.

Brand Modine

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Well made and easy to use

    Review by on Jan 1, 2016

    The item was shipped quickly and packaged well to prevent damage. Well constructed and easily assembled... Looks Nice and well worth the SS Price. If you can use single wall application this is the way to go!

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