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Melissa & Doug® Pull Back Toddler/Baby Trucks

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Easy to play with and clean, these pull-back toys are a win-win for both parents and kids.

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Babies and toddlers will love the "rev up" mechanism inside each of these four cars and trucks from Melissa & Doug®. It doesn't take much to make them go - pull back one of the soft vehicles, then release to see it zoom off across the floor. These soft fabric vehicles are bound to be popular at playtime, and with four colorful vehicles, there are enough to share. Parents and caregivers will be grateful for the removable wipe-clean wheelie insert and washable fabric surface.

The action of grasping and pulling back is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination; the activity of "driving" and collecting (pull, release, crawl) benefits large muscle groups and coordination. Get even more "miles per gallon" with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, illustrated characters, and everyday themes to inspire conversations, cognitive connections, and imaginative play.

More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • 9 Months+: Place a vehicle on the floor, facing the child but slightly out of reach, and encourage the child to reach and grasp to pull it near. Place a vehicle in front of the child and slightly to one side, and encourage the child to roll the vehicle from one hand to the other. Identify the different vehicles: taxi, police car, fire truck, school bus. Help the child to pat each vehicle as you say its name.
  • 12 Months+: Place two vehicles on the floor and help the child bump them together. Help the child identify the different colors on the vehicles. Say a color name aloud and guide the child's finger to point to a vehicle with that color. Line up the vehicles in a row and count them aloud. Ask the child to pat them along with you as you count.
  • 18 Months+: Sitting a few feet away from a wall, encourage the child to roll back a vehicle and let it go to try to reach the wall. Count different parts of a vehicle, such as all the wheels or tags. Ask the child to point and count along with you. Use the vehicles to tell a story, describing the people and animals inside and drawing inspiration from other details, such as the fire hose, stop sign, and passengers.

Do not leave in crib unattended

Dimensions: 8.75" x 11.75" x 4.75" Packaged

Brand Melissa & Doug
Manufacturer Part Number 9168
Toy Type Toy Trucks

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