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Maximus Controller System

Maximum Ag , 7000-0002
QC Supply Part #: 11905
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More versatility and flexibility means less stress for you and better results for your farm.

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The Maximus Controller System is a centralized controller system that simplifies farming facility management. Whether your facilities are for poultry, hogs, or dairy cattle, the Maximus System will track the state of your infrastructure and automate tasks based on your criteria.

Talk to our experts today at 1-800-433-6340 for help in setting up your Maximus System today.

We want to contribute to your company's performance with automated solutions that ensure the well-being of your animals and optimize your results.


  • Graph reference for settings
  • Compatible with most popular hand-held devices
  • Very dependable hardware with a 5-year warranty
  • I-Novarum compatible (production management solutions)
  • Generates all alarms, by text or email
  • Current draw & temperatures readings of all variable and relay outfits
  • All relays & variables have fuse protection
  • Auto winching for feed & water lines
  • Static pressure compensation
  • Zone temperature compensation for ventilation
  • Bird scales, Bin scales, WiFi communication
  • Diagnostic menu
  • And much, much more!


  • Well-being of your animals and reduced operational costs means improved profitability for your company
  • Optimal conditions in your facilities at all times
  • Automated management of a wide range of parameters: feeding, temperature, lighting, air quality, etc
  • Perfectly safe multi-platform remote control (personal computer, smart phone, electronic tablet)
  • Unmatched real-time service
  • Upgradable solution that adapts to your needs
  • Add features to your controller according to your company's evolution
  • Quick and simple web updates ensure optimal technological solutions
  • The information you want, the minute you want it
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Guaranteed peace of mind thanks to the most reliable and safe system
  • Automation of your I-Novarum production management system data collection
Brand Maximum Ag
Manufacturer Part Number 7000-0002
Animal Cattle, Swine, Poultry & Gamebird

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Best Control on the Market

    Review by on Nov 8, 2016

    I have had this control in for almost a year now. It has provided me with awesome value added to help me better manage my barns and be proactive in identifying issues or concerns. this control is and all inclusive system that handles everything and they just keep adding to it.
    Kyle H.

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