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Bayer Maxforce® FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel

Bayer , PC79432135
QC Supply Part #: 230667
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Cockroaches only need to touch the bait to die.


Effective in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Applications.

One of the most effective roach baits available, Maxforce® FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel from Bayer is irresistible to normal and aberrant-feeding cockroaches. Consumption is not necessary — cockroaches only need to touch the bait to die due to the innovative ContactX™ technology. No other bait gel works this fast. See results the same day. Effective residual of up to 1 year or until the bait is completely consumed.

Low toxicity to non-target animals make it ideal for use in sensitive areas. 10% more bait per reservoir. Better secondary kill with the exclusive Domino Effect™ — roaches transfer active ingredient to other roaches.  No vapor, fumes or odor.  Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pests Controlled: American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Palmetto Bugs

Active Ingredient: 0.05% Fipronil

Contents: [1] 33 gram reservoir

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets. Always Read and Follow Label Directions.

Manufacturer Part Number PC79432135
Insect Roach

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