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Little Giant® Digital Still Air Incubator

, 9300
QC Supply Part #: 420990
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Digital control for easy temperature setting. Shown with optional Circulator Fan Kit - sold separately.


Perfect for hobby farmers or classrooms, the Little Giant® Digital Still Air Incubator is made of durable, warmth-retaining Styrofoam. This incubator has a digital control board for easy temperature setting, self-regulating control.


  • Digital control board for easy temperature setting, self-regulating control
  • Built-in digital hygrometer measures humidity
  • Accessible water channels reduce humidity loss to improve you hatch
  • LCD display with LED light shows accurate readings instantly
  • Two 4" x 8" viewing windows
  • Heater

Approximate Capacities:

  • 46 chicken eggs, or
  • 118 quail eggs, or
  • 90 pheasant eggs, or
  • 40 turkey eggs

How an Incubator Works: An incubator warms the air around eggs being hatched to a desired temperature. If the temperature in the area around the incubator is constant and free of drafts, an incubator will need very few adjustments once set. Do NOT use an incubator in a drafty environment. Humidity levels will vary depending on the season and region where the incubator is being used. And incubator should be monitored regularly while in use. Refer to your local library, consult a local college or university agriculture department or the internet for hatching guidelines specific to the type of eggs you plan to incubate.

Important – Do Not Move Egg Rails By Hand. The egg turner rails (sold separately) move very slowly. It takes 4 hours to complete a 30° side to side cycle. This movement may not be detected by the naked eye.

Humidity Control & Ventilation:

  • The incubator is equipped with a relative humidity sensor intended to provide the user with a humidity reading. This reading is most accurate with 60% to 80% humidity and not accurate when the incubator is allowed to dry out.
  • Water will help keep eggs naturally moist. This incubator has 6 water channels in the base you can fill as needed for the species you are hatching and your specific environment. These water channels are marked with numbers 1-6 on one side and that is the side where water can be easily added without having to remove eggs, screen or turner.
  • Use a turkey baster to add water. Lift the lid and slide it far enough to allow a baster to fit between the lid and base. Use numbers on the side of the incubator to identify each of the 6 water channel locations.
  • Please refer to your local library, local college or university agricultural department or the internet for additional hatching information regarding humidity levels. In addition to observing humidity percentage, also be sure to look out for the formation of condensation within the housing. If that occurs, you may need to adjust humidity levels
  • Good air ventilation is important in the hatching process. Air exchange is needed during embryo development. Start the hatch with the red vent plug near the heater removed. Air circulation should be increased by removing the second red plastic vent plug near the controller just before the chicks start to hatch. Both red plastic vent plugs are located on the incubator lid.
  • If your incubator has an air circulating fan (sold separately #420991), evaporation may occur at a more rapid rate. If so, you will have to add water more frequently.
Fertility Testing
 White, Clear Shelled EggsDark Shelled Eggs
Phase 1 3rd or 4th day of incubation 7th or 8th day of incubation
Phase 2 14th day of incubation 14th day of incubation
Hatching Eggs
BirdEstimated Days for Hatching*Hatching Temp F
Chicken 21 99.5°
Bobwhite Quail 23 99.5°
Cortunix Quail 17-18 99.9°
Pheasant 23-28 99.5°
Chukar 23-24 99.5°
Turkey 28 99°

*For more information on incubating, refer to your local library, consult a local college or university agricultural department or the internet.

Brand Little Giant
Manufacturer Part Number 9300
Animal Poultry & Gamebird



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Customer Reviews

  • 1 Stars

    Just Junk

    Review by on Apr 1, 2016

    had two, both junk, would not own another one.

  • 1 Stars

    Tempature Problems

    Review by on Mar 29, 2016

    Upon allowing the unit (9300) 24 hours to test and hold temperature setting. I set my eggs. Now, three days into my set, I have had to increase the temperature setting to 101.8 in an attempt to raise interior temperature, and the outer digital display reader only shows 101.4-5, and the Little Giant thermometer I purchased and a secondary thermometer both inside only read 95-6 degrees, well off the 99.5, preferably 100 degrees needed for a hatch. I question the quality of these units.

  • 5 Stars

    Wonderful product!

    Review by on Apr 26, 2015

    I had to write a review on this incubator. I have used another brand of incubators and could never keep the temperature where it should be losing 2 sets of eggs. I bought this one because it was digital not a little medal arm to adjust heat. This incubator keeps a constant temperature and never goes up and down! And it's a great price also!
    I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to hatch there own eggs.

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