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Lifeline® Rescue™ Lamb & Kid Colostrum Replacer (1.3 lb)

Lifeline , 058067
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Designed specifically for newborn lambs and kids. Gets them off to the right start when they are under duress.


Ensuring lambs and kids consume enough colostrum in the 24 hours after birth is critical to their survival. When you have orphans or multiples, or there just isn't enough colostrum to go around, reach for Lifeline® Rescue™ Lamb & Kid Colostrum Replacer. This complete colostrum replacer delivers energy, plus 88 grams of total protein (based on body weight) to ensure your newborns thrive.

Feed Rescue™ Lamb & Kid To:

  • Preemies, multiples & orphans
  • During extreme weather and stressful situations
  • When colostrum is in short supply

This is the only serum-based colostrum replacer specifically designed for newborn lambs and kids. Made from natural bovine serum, this highly concentrated powder delivers complete nutrition in small feedings that are easy for baby animals to eat and digest.

Feeding Directions:

  • Body weight will determine the amount of Rescue™ to feed. Begin feedings as soon as possible following birth and give 18 grams of powder per pound of body weight over 24 hours.
  • For each feeding, mix 1/4 cup of powder into 4 oz. of water
  • For example, an average 10 lb lamb would receive 2 cups of powder with 32 oz of water over the course of 24 hours
  • Mix Rescue™ into warm (105°) water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved and feed to the lamb or kid via a nipple or esophageal feeder. Only mix enough for one feeding at a time.
  • To Feed As A Supplement: Mix 2 tablespoons of powder into 2 oz. of water. Feed in addition to colostrum. When used as a supplement, one tub feeds 6-14 animals

Rescue™ has a 24 month shelf life when stored unopened in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 50°-86° F. Once the tub has been opened, be sure to seal the lid tightly between feedings to keep air out and freshness in. Once Rescue™ is mixed with water, it should be fed immediately and never stored.

Brand Lifeline
Manufacturer Part Number 058067
Animal Sheep & Goat

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Quick arrival, haven't used it yet

    Review by on Mar 21, 2016

    I purchased this "just in case" as I was anticipating lamb/ewe bonding problems (fortunately, all is well so far!). Ordering was easy, shipping was fast. There is no mention on the packaging of whether refrigeration extends the shelf life, but I'm keeping it in the fridge anyway since our temperature swings are extreme here. It'd be nice to know if you could freeze it.

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