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Kuul® Evaporative Cooling Pad

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Our Evaporative Cooling Pad is manufactured with such a rigid and high efficiency media, even water flow and air flow is produced with no sagging, gapping or fouling problems.


Our Pad is Manufactured With Such A Rigid and High Efficiency Media, Even Water Flow and Air Flow Is Produced With No Sagging, Gapping or Fouling Problems.

These Kuul® Evaporative Cooling Pads have consistent resin content that provides unequaled stability. The highest grade kraft paper in the industry is used to ensure maximum life. The pads are cross-linked with polymer glue to assure water resistance.


  • Commercial/Industrial — Evaporative Cooling Systems, Precoolers, Humidification, Gas Turbine Intakes
  • Greenhouse — Space Cooling
  • Agriculture — Hog, Poultry, Dairy, Egg Houses

Flute Angles:

  • 4" Pad = 45/45
  • 6" Pad = 45/15

To give your pads a longer life, see #160705 (Scale Stop) or #160715 (Bio Stop).

Size Th x HPad Wgt.Item #
without Coating
Item #
with Coating
4" x 60" 4.5 160701 N/A
4" x 72" 5.4 160702 N/A
6" x 36" 4.1 160741-36 160745-36
6" x 48" 5.4 160741-48 160745-48
6" x 60" 6.5 160741-60 160745-60
6" x 72" 8.1 160741-72 160745-72
Brand Kuul Pads
Animal Swine, Poultry & Gamebird



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