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Kaycee Ovijector Syringe Parts

Kaycee Veterinary Products
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Product Name SKU Price Qty
Kaycee Hexagon Screw (Plain) 141278-11
Kaycee Trigger Screw 141278-6
Kaycee 5/8" Feed Needle 141278-25
Kaycee 48" PVC Feed Tube 141278
Kaycee Main Spring For Ovijector Mk3 141278-27B
Kaycee Main Spring for Ovijector 1 & 2 141278-27
Kaycee Rear Connector 141278-12
Spare Parts Kit for MK3 Ovijector Syringe 141277
Spare Parts Kit for MK2 Ovijector Syringe 141276
Spare Parts Kit for MK1 Ovijector & Avijector Syringes 141275
Kaycee Trigger 141278-7
Kaycee 40mm Luer Lock Stem 141278-1
Kaycee 60mm Luer Lock Stem 141278-1L
Kaycee Handle Grip For Ovijector MK3 141278-8B
Kaycee Handle Grip For Ovijectors MK1 & MK2 141278-8

Parts for Kaycee Ovijector MK1, MK2 & MK3 Syringes.

Please Note:
  • The purchase of syringes and needles may require a prescription or certificate in the following states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Virgin Islands.
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Parts for Kaycee Ovijector MK1, MK2 & MK3 Syringes.

Brand Kaycee Veterinary Products
Animal Cattle, Swine, Poultry & Gamebird, Sheep & Goat

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