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J-5 E.Coli Bacterin

Up John
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J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 20 Dose 540632
J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 50 Dose 540633

Prevent clinical mastitis in healthy dairy cattle caused by E. Coli.

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  • This item (540632, 540633) can only be shipped via Ground services. It can not be shipped via USPS or any Air service.
  • Due to restrictions this item can not be shipped internationally. (applies to 540632, 540633)
  • J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 50 Dose, J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 20 Dose
  • J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 20 Dose, J-5 E.Coli Bacterin - 50 Dose cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Island Territories due to carrier restrictions


J-5 E. Coli Bacterin aids in prevention of clinical mastitis caused by E. Coli in healthy dairy cattle. For effective mastitis control, this bacterin should be used with good management practices.


  • 5 mL dose SQ in the neck just anterior to the shoulder
  • Three doses are required
  • Vaccinate cows or heifers at 7 and 8 months of gestation followed by a third dose within two weeks after calving

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • #540632 — 20 Dose
  • #540633 — 50 Dose
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