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InVict™ Gold Cockroach Gel™

Rockwell Labs , PLIGCG435
QC Supply Part #: 230678
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Give yourself an unfair advantage in the war on cockroaches.


Kill German roaches indoors and outdoors with InVict™ Gold Cockroach Gel™. Roaches begin dying in as little as 20 minutes after eating the bait. It has a proven secondary kill when roaches are exposed to carcasses and droppings of roaches that ate the bait.

Where To Use: In and around residential structures, research structures, recreational structures, health care structures, educational structures, daycare structures, hospitality and agricultural buildings, garages, sewers, animal handling establishments, and food processing and handling establishments


  • Unique food grade attractants are intentionally different from other popular baits, making it the ideal choice for bait rotation to prevent bait aversion
  • Formulated without the 8 most common food allergens for sensitive applications such as food plants, schools, child care and health care facilities


  • Active Ingredient: 2.15% Imidacloprid
  • Contents: Box of [4] 35g syringes with one plunger
  • Pests Controlled: German Cockroaches

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Rockwell Labs
Manufacturer Part Number PLIGCG435
Insect Roach

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