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Ingelvac® AR4 (Boehringer) - 100mL

Boehringer Ingelheim , O26238
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Vaccinate healthy, susceptible swine against atrophic rhinitis with Ingevlac AR4.

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Ingelvac® AR4 is recommended for the vaccination of healthy, susceptible swine against atrophic rhinitis caused by tosigenic Bordetella bronchiseptica and Pasturella multocida toxigenic Type D. It protects against toxin produced by Pasturella multocida toxigenic Type A. Protectionin the piglet is provided by the maternal antibodies in colostrum. Therefore, piglets shoudl receive colostrum from the vaccinated sow as soon as possible after birth. Vaccination of the piglet is also necessary for protection.


  • Sows and Gilts — Using aseptic technique, inject 2 mL intramuscularly 5 weeks prior to farrowing. Repeat with a second 2 mL dose 2-3 weeks prior to farrowing. Administer one 2 mL dose 2-3 weeks prior to each subsquent farrowing.
  • Pigs — Using aseptic technique, vaccinate intramuscularly or subcutaneously with 1 mL prior to weaning. Recommend revaccination of pigs in 2-3 weeks.

Contains: 100 mL/50 sow doses or 100 pig doses

Brand Boehringer Ingelheim
Manufacturer Part Number O26238
Animal Swine

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