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  1. Elvex Go-Specs - Gray Lenses
    Elvex® Go-Specs™

    Starting at $10.49

    QC Part #GR726
  2. Vented Goggle
    QC Part #390016
  3. Elvex® Go-Specs™ - Clear
    QC Part #390024
  4. Safety Glasses
    QC Part #390017
  5. Elvex Go-Specs II - Clear
    Elvex® Go-Specs II™

    Starting at $11.49

    QC Part #GR1057
  6. Lens Cleaning Towelettes
    QC Part #390018
  7. Elvex® OVR-Spec™ II
    QC Part #390235
  8. 3M™ Privo™ Eyewear

    Starting at $8.39

    QC Part #GR1020
  9. Elvex® Go-Specs™ - Gray
    QC Part #390025
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Protect your eyes from flying debris and dust with a great pair of safety glasses or a face shield. We have a variety of safety glasses from Elvex, Sphere X and 3M. If you wear glasses, but still need safety glasses, we have Over-Spec Cover Safety Glasses. We also have basic vented goggles and face shields including a metal face shield with hearing protection.