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Pest Control, Rodent, & Insect

Pest Control, Rodent, & Insect

Keep unwanted pests out of your garden, yard, home and garage with our pest control products and solutions for rodents, birds and insects. We have a large selection of insect control products. Get rid of birds, moles and other animal pests in your yard and garden with ultrasonic sound waves, electromagnetic technology, traps and bait. We carry the Motomco line of rat and mouse bait.
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  1. TERRO® Ant Killer II Liquid
    QC Part #362702
  2. GardenTech® Sevin® Concentrate
    As low as $9.89 - $18.49
    QC Part #230606
  3. Demon® WP Insecticide
    QC Part #230674
  4. PROZAP® Fly-Die GPS
    QC Part #230420
  5. Plastic/Metal Flyswatter
    QC Part #230395
  6. TERRO® Spider Killer Spray
    QC Part #362704
  7. Enforcer® Flea Fogger
    QC Part #230295
  8. GardenTech® Sevin® Ready-To-Use Bug Killer
    As low as $9.69 - $21.49
    QC Part #230602
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