Prepare for hunting season early by planting food plot seed near your stand. We have annual food plot seed which grows quickly, as well as a perennial and cold resistant seed. Other seeds available are ideal for hard-to-reach areas and grow quickly. Seeds are available for deer and turkey. Varieties include Rack Force, Exceed, Great Lakes, Trophy Forage, 7 Card Stud, ShotPlot, ProGraze, ProVide, Throw & Grow, Buck'n Oats, Maximize, Easy Plot and MegaPlot.

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  1. Throw & Gro™ No-Till Forage
    QC Part #510006
  2. Buck'n Oats™ Food Plot Seed
    $20.49 - $37.49
    QC Part #510007
  3. ProVide® Forage Clover & Chicory
    $18.49 - $79.49
    QC Part #510005
  4. Throw & Gro® X-Treme™ Oats
    QC Part #510453
  5. Evolved Harvest pH Meter
    QC Part #510365
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