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Hired-Hand® Gas Valve Conversion Kit - Honeywell - LP

, 3004-1301
QC Supply Part #: 20560
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock

Convert discontinued propane White Rogers gas valves to Honeywell gas valves with this conversion kit for your Hired Hand heaters.

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Propane or Natural Gas Honeywell Gas Valve Conversion Kit for your Hired Hand® Heater. The White Rogers Gas Valve was discontinued and has been replaced by this Honeywell Gas Valve Kit. You need to know which valve is currently in the heater you have.

**If you are replacing an existing White Rogers Gas Valve, you MUST order a Honeywell Gas Valve Kit (#20560 or #20564). If you have already replaced the White Rogers Valve with a Honeywell Valve, then you can order just the valve (#20563 or #20561).

QC Supply Part #DescriptionHired Hand Part #
20560 Honeywell Kit - LP 3004-1301
20564 Honeywell Kit - NG 6401-1301
20563 Honeywell - LP 3004-0100
20561 Honeywell - NG 3004-0101


Brand Hired Hand
Manufacturer Part Number 3004-1301

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