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Heartwood™ Compostable Wean-To-Finish Mat - 4' x 8'

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These compostable pen mats are made from 100% organic wood byproducts.


This biodegradable alternative to rubber mats is designed to break the disease cycle by starting each group of pigs with a fresh, clean mat.

Made from 100% organic wood byproducts, Heartwood™ Compostable Wean-to-Finish Mats can be composted after use. The 4' x 9' mats provide lying space for approximately 64 pigs.

Because wood is an excellent insulator, these mats help moderate pen temperature and allow pigs to stay more comfortable whether it's hot or cold outside. Shredding mats before adding to the compost pile will improve composting time.

The processing method used to make these mats involves temperatures exceeding 370° F, high enough to kill any disease organisms that may have been in the wood byproducts used to make the mats. 


  • Made from completely natural ingredients — no glue, resins or other harmful products
  • The natural surface is less slippery than traditional rubber mats
  • Biodegradable
  • Lightweight (about 10 pounds each) — easy to install and replace
  • Designed for single use
  • Save time — no need to disinfect or store between cycles
  • Free of pig pathogens
  • Colored green to absorb heat evenly
  • Promotes excellent hygiene and pig comfort
  • Provides excellent insulation

Mat Placement:

  • Place mat under supplemental heat source and away from water source
  • Mats may move — prevent movement by placing feeder on one end
  • If your heat source is over the pen divider, place mat(s) under pen divider
  • Monitor temperature on mat surface — try to keep mat surface at 95° F

Mat Feeding: Sprinkle a small amount of feed on the mat 4–5 times/day for the first couple of days.

Mat Disposal: Heartwood™ Mats are designed to last for up to 21 days. Pick up leftover pieces. DO NOT discard in pit.

Made with trees — a renewable, natural resource. The wood used is sourced through a system that's 3rd party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) fiber procurement standard. Using these compostable mats means you're doing something good for your livestock, your business and the environment.

Priced indivdually — 114 mats per shrink-wrapped pallet.

Brand Georgia-Pacific
Animal Swine

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  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Oct 3, 2016

    Although we were skeptical because this is different that what we have used in the past, we have been very impressed by the durability. So far the mats have lasted 2 weeks in our wean to finish gilt nursery, which is longer than any disposable mat we have tried over the past ten years. Very satisfied!

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