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Guard'n Eyes™ Bird-Scaring Balloon

Dalen Gardeneer , TE-12C
QC Supply Part #: 230205
Shipping: Standard
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Scare away pests and protect your garden.

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The Guard'n Eyes™ Inflatable Balloon has "eyes" that scare away birds and other pests from your garden. This balloon is widely used in orchards and nurseries. Guard'n Eyes™ comes with six eye reflector stickers, balloon with hanging cord and reflective ribbon. Safe and humane.

For Best Results:

  • Place balloon in a prominent position so birds can see it (avoid hanging in a tree where leaves can obscure it)
  • Use one or two balloons for a small garden; use three or more for a large garden
  • Install balloon before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop
  • Move balloon around the garden every few days
  • Store indoors when season is over to prevent birds from getting used to it

Size: 42" Round
Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Brand Dalen Gardeneer
Manufacturer Part Number TE-12C

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