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Genius GE-420 Environmental Control

Vostermans , VFGE-420
QC Supply Part #: 11179
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Control almost any type of ventilation system and monitor feed and water consumption at the same time.

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The Genius GE-420 Environmental Control allows you to set up your controller for almost any type of ventilation application while monitoring feed and water consumption at the same time. The controller is equipped with 20 heavy duty relays and 4 variables.

The user-friendly layout of the faceplate interface contains easy to use navigation buttons, a large 8 line by 20 character LCD display, 6 hot keys for quick access, on screen help, a "never get lost" back button, intelligent override toggle switches and indicator status lights for each output.


  • Multiple heat zones
  • Minimum, power, natural and transitional cooling
  • Inlet & curtain control
  • Remote access & data logging
  • Monitoring feed & water consumption
  • Easy-to-use navigation buttons


  • Easy to use navigation buttons
  • 8 line x 20 character screen
  • 6 hot keys for quick access
  • On screen help
  • Never lost back button
  • Indicator status lights for outputs
  • Intelligent override switches


  • Up to 20 heavy-duty relays
  • Up to 4 variables
  • Modular hardware design
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Compatible With

  • FarmQuest online monitoring and management
  • FarmSite management software
  • Wi Farm Network wireless network

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QC Supply
Part #
Model ## of
# of
11175 GE-25LE 2 5 On/Off
11176 GE-28 2 8 On/Off
11177 GE-215 2 15 On/Off
11178 GE-415 4 15 On/Off
11179 GE-420 4 20 On/Off
Brand Vostermans
Manufacturer Part Number VFGE-420

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