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Genius GE-215 Environmental Control

Vostermans , VFGE-215
QC Supply Part #: 11177
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Improve production performance and animal comfort with this user-friendly and flexible ventilation GE-215 control.

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The GE-215 Genius Environmental Control ensures an excellent level of comfort for your production. This controller is equipped with 15 relays and 2 variables. The multipurpose faceplate comes standard with a 2 line by 24 character LCD display, 5 digit LED display, output status lights, and with eight hot keys and easy to use list buttons for direct access to any parameter.


  • Multiple heat zones
  • Minimum, power, natural and transitional cooling
  • Stir fans
  • Inlet & curtain control with optional module
  • Remote access & data logging
  • Monitoring feed & water consumption
  • Easy-to-use navigation buttons


  • Easy to use navigation buttons
  • 2 line x 24 character screen
  • 8 hot keys for quick access
  • On screen help
  • Indicator status lights for outputs


  • 15 relays
  • 2 variables (possibility to boost capacity)
  • Modular hardware design
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Compatible With

  • FarmQuest online monitoring and management
  • FarmSite management software
  • Wi Farm Network wireless network

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QC Supply
Part #
Model ## of
# of
11175 GE-25LE 2 5 On/Off
11176 GE-28 2 8 On/Off
11177 GE-215 2 15 On/Off
11178 GE-415 4 15 On/Off
11179 GE-420 4 20 On/Off
Brand Vostermans
Manufacturer Part Number VFGE-215

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