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Fostera™ PRRS - 50 Dose (Zoetis)

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Fostera PRRS is the first and only PRRSV vaccine to earn the label claim "aid in preventing respiratory disease" associated with PRRSV.

Helps Defend Growing Pigs Facing a PRRSV Challenge, Allowing Them to Maximize Their Post-Challenge Weight Gain.

Fostera™ PRRS is used for the vaccination of healthy, susceptible swine 1 day of age or older in PRRSV positive herds or seronegative pigs deemed at risk for exposure to PRRSV as an aid in preventing respiratory disease associated with PRRSV.


  • Fostera™ PRRS offers comprehensive herd management of PRRSV by helping protect against both the respiratory and reproductive forms of the disease
  • Fostera™ PRRS has been shown to help growing pigs get to market faster with improved average daily gain (ADG) in the face of a PRRS virus challenge
  • Fostera™ PRRS helps provide early protection (1-day of age claim) allowing for vaccination of piglets on the sow farm
  • Fostera™ PRRS helps deliver more live pigs by helping prevent reproductive disease caused by PRRSV

Directions/Dosage: Aseptically re-hydrate the freeze-dried vaccine with sterile dilutent provided, shake well and administer 2 mL intramuscularly.

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • #541592-50 — 50 Dose
  • #541592-250 — 250 Dose
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