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Fly Stik™ Junior

, 100503350
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These 12" sticky fly traps attract flies and other flying insects.


The Fly Stik™ Junior is 12" long and attracts and traps flies and other flying insects.


  • No poisons, insecticide vapors or hazardous chemicals
  • Can be used around animals and pets
  • Convenient smaller size works great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Use in barns, stables, corrals and homes
  • Ideal for use in commercial and industrial facilities

Directions for Use:

  1. Fly Stik™ Junior should be hung wherever flies are a problem. Choose an area near a window or electric light source. The more light the area receives, the more effective the visual attraction.
  2. Carefully remove Fly Stik™ Junior from package – remember it is VERY sticky. Pull out hook and hang from ceiling or exposed rafters high enough to be out of reach of children or pets, in an area where people will not accidentally come into contact with the sticky surface.
  3. Replace Fly Stik™ Junior when 80% or more of the exposed surface is covered with trapped insects. Dispose of unit by placing in garbage bag.

Placement Tips:

  • Designed to be placed up high where flies rest; ceilings, attics and rafters
  • Place out of reach of livestock

Contents: 1 Fly Stik™

Brand Starbar
Manufacturer Part Number 100503350
Insect Fly

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Great for more than flys

    Review by on Apr 21, 2012

    In several places I have lived I seem to have a problem with gnats or fruit flies or whatever they are. I placed a blacklight next to one of these near the bathroom mirror. It worked awsome. I have used every method I can find on fly control NOTHING BEATS Farnham fly sticks. I use the fly stick jr for indoors its compact size makes it perfect

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