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The Fish Bomb™

The Buck Bomb , MM-BB-FB-01
QC Supply Part #: 511072
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Easier and less messy to use than hauling around a chum bucket.

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Arm yourself with The Fish Bomb™ to make your trip even more effective. This 5 oz, shelf-stable, fit-in-your-pocket can of pure menhaden oil fish attractant will draw the fish to you. The secret lies in the state-of-the-art delivery system that disperses fish-luring scent according to your needs. The revolutionary nozzle can be adjusted to release an intermittent or continuous spray at the depth of your choice.

The Fish Bomb™ is fast, versatile, and easy to use. It can be used in fresh or salt water when trolling, bottom-fishing, jigging, or casting.

  • Simply spray down your lure
  • Attach the remainder of the can to your trolling or dummy line with swivel
  • Attach desired weight
  • Activate release by pressing to the lock position
  • Send to desired depth

The can will slowly disperses a large fish-attracting menhaden oil slick beneath the surface. It attracts fish and stimulates them to feed.

Contents: 5 oz.

Brand The Buck Bomb
Manufacturer Part Number MM-BB-FB-01

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