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FAST 49 Microbial Pit Treatment - Activator REQUIRED

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Keep essential pit conditioning bacteria in balance so waste remains loose and liquified all year long.


Maintain fertilizer value while reducing sludge build-up in your pit with FAST 49. This synergized blend of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms selectively adapted for the accelerated degradation of compounds found in agricultural waste storage systems.

The patented encapsulation process ensures that first generation bacteria remain in a stable, concentrated state until a food source is introduced. FAST 49 keeps essential pit conditioning bacteria in balance so waste remains loose and liquified all year long.

Fast 49 Activator (#340373, sold separately) is required for use with FAST 49.


  • 100% live microorganisms
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-pathogenic
  • Reduces lethal gasses and odor
  • Improves confinement conditions, increasing feed conversion and rate of gain
  • Reduces sludge build-up
  • Prevents crusting
  • Reduces total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Achieves a uniform nutrient column of manure from top to bottom
  • Maintains fertilizer value
  • Reduces maggots and disease carrying flies
  • Reduces mouse and rat runs
  • Reduces agitation needed for pumping
  • Prevents mineral deposits in pumps and lines from uric salt build-up
  • Controls E.Coli, fecal coliform, and methanogen bacteria
  • Organic reduction (oil, grease, hydrocarbon, etc)
  • Made in the USA


  • FAST 49 has been developed so equal amounts of product can be applied from outside the barn at each pump-out
  • It is not necessary to enter the building
  • If access for outside application is limited, product can be poured directly into the pit from inside the building at evenly distributed locations
  • Mix [1] 5 lb package of Fast 49 Activator (#340373, sold separately) per 5 gallons of FAST 49. Activator required for use.
  • For best results, equally divide each 5 gallon bucket of FAST 49 between [4] 5 gallon buckets
  • Fill each bucket with clean water, add the appropriate amount of Activator
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Let set for 45-60 minutes before treating pits

Amount Per Barn:
One gallon per 240 head per month

  • +/- 1,200 Head Barn: [1] 5 gallon bucket/month
  • +/- 2,400 Head Barn: [2] 5 gallon buckets/month
  • +/- 4,800 Head Barn: [4] 5 gallon buckets/month

Important: Product must be applied in direct contact with LIQUID manure, beneath any surface crusting.

Best Time For Treatment: Pits should be treated within 30 days of pumping. Treating a pit with more than 2 1/2 feet of manure will require additional product (more than the original protocol listed above) to shock the system. Contact one of our pit additive experts today at 800-433-6340 for more information.

Storage & Container Disposal Store in the original container in a safe, cool, and dry environment. Keep container dry, sealed and out of direct sunlight. Keep from freezing. Storage temperatures should remain between 38° F and 140° F. Do not store or bring into contact with other chemicals. Rinse thoroughly with water before recycling.

Caution: Do not allow FAST 49 to come in contact with open wounds or sores.

Contents: 5 gallon bucket

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