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Farm Weigh BAT2 Full Automatic Poultry Scale w/External Read-Out

Farm Weigh Systems , BAT2EHG23-100
QC Supply Part #: 420426
Shipping: Standard
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Install the read out outside of the barn for easy weighing of chickens.

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The Farm Weigh BAT2 Full Automatic Poultry Scale with an external read-out and hanging platform provides all the data for complete weight data and analysis, making it perfect for breeders and any weighing application. This advanced weighing system has the read-out attached to the scale inside the barns.

It provides automatic collection of weight data in an easy to use and cost-effective scale while adaptable to any poultry types including chickens, turkeys or ducks. Weight data is easily stored to a PC on and off site via memory module, cellular technology or MODBUS serial collection.

Added benefit of PC Software is reliable and easy to use, saving time by presenting your data on your own computer. Produces reports to easily analyze your farm’s data, with little effort on your part.


  • Includes scale head with remote hanging platform (w/load cell)
  • Stores 1,800 weights/day
  • 370 days of retained data
  • Delayed date and time for weighing start
  • Weighs for specific time period each day
  • On screen data and graphics
  • Optional PC data transfer via memory module
  • Optional battery operation (up to 15 days, rechargeable)


  • Number weighed
  • Average weight
  • Uniformity
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Standard deviation
  • Daily gain
  • Histogram
  • Difference from expected growth curve

Upload Your Data Via Cell GSM, Memory Module or Network Link

  • Collect data directly from your BAT2 via a Memory Module Stick, then upload to any PC
  • Collect data via cell network, directly from BAT2 to your PC or cell phone. No networks, no wiring, simply via a cell text message
  • Collect data to secure VEIT website, view your data from any computer, anywhere
  • Collect data via the Cloud directly from the farm which can be viewed anywhere in the world

Also available, #420425, Farm Weigh BAT2 Full Automatic Poultry Scale with hanging scale (chickens only).

Brand Farm Weigh Systems
Manufacturer Part Number BAT2EHG23-100
Animal Poultry & Gamebird

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