Accidents happen. Be prepared for the minor ones with a first aid kit. We have small and medium first aid kits as well as an industrial first aid cabinet. Refills are available for each. We also have adhesive strips, adhesive tape, cold packs, eye wash and Prima Tech Spray Patch liquid bandage. Take care of larger wounds with a wound and trauma bandage pack.
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  1. Industrial First Aid Cabinet
    QC Part #390306
  2. Eyesaline® Eye Wash
    QC Part #390320
  3. Instant Cold Packs
    QC Part #390312
  4. Wound & Trauma Bandage Pack
    QC Part #440020
  5. Adhesive Strips

    Starting at $2.82

    QC Part #GR727
  6. VENOM LOCC™ Snakebite Kit
    QC Part #390301
  7. 3" Elastic Bandage
    QC Part #390324
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