Parts, Repair Kits, & Miscellaneous

Parts, Repair Kits, & Miscellaneous

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  1. Soap/Chemical Injector
    QC Part #110090
  2. Swivel Connector
    QC Part #110145
  3. Suttner Power Wash Lance Handle

    Starting at $11.99

    QC Part #GR704
  4. High Draw Adjustable Chemical Injector

    Starting at $32.49

    QC Part #GR705
  5. EZ Foamer Replacement Wand
    QC Part #340339
  6. Tornador Nozzle Repair Kit
    Tornador® Nozzle Repair Kit
    QC Part #340506
  7. Filter Chemical Strainer
    QC Part #110096
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We carry a variety of power washer parts including lance handles, soap and chemical injectors, repair kits, tubing and foaming nozzles. Products include the Dirt Killer Quick Coupler Plug, High Draw adjustable chemical injector, EZ Foamer tip set, swivel connectors, two-way foamer valves, heavy-duty guns and more.