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Browse our selection of disinfectants from brands like Tek-Trol, DC & R, EZ Clean, Synergize and more. Tek-Trol and Casco disinfectants are perfect for use around poultry, swine, hatcheries, and equine and animal care hospitals. Barnstorm is designed to remove organic and inorganic soils. It's great for pork and poultry facilities, walls, floors, crates, loading chutes and vehicles. Synergize is your best weapon against the spread of infectious disease. Our other products include Quatcide disinfectant, Bactrol, Vikron S broad-spectrum disinfectant, Swine-O-Dyne, CID 2000, DM-CID, Virocid, PHENO-TEK II, Nolvasan Solution and Roccal-D Plus.
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  1. Synergize™ Disinfectant
    QC Part #340355
    As low as $30.49 - $1,380.99
  2. PI Quat 20 Disinfectant
    QC Part #340354
  3. DC&R® Disinfectant
    QC Part #340305
    As low as $29.57 - $113.21
  4. Swine-O-Dyne Shampoo - 1 Gal.
    QC Part #340351
  5. Synergize Cool™ - Non-Foaming
    QC Part #340358
    As low as $30.79 - $1,394.80
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