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Swine Biologicals

Swine Biologicals

Vaccinate healthy sows, gilts and piglets and treat the sick ones with swine biologicals from Intervet, MVP, Boehring, Novartis, Pfizer, AgriLabs, Schering, Grand Labs and Fort Dodge. We have oral and injectable pharmaceuticals to treat pneumonia, anemia, scours, erysipelas, Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2), septicemia and enterotoxaemia. Our products include LitterGuard, FluSure XP, Terra-Vet 10, FarrowSure Gold, MaxiVac Excell 5.0, Majestic 7 and more. We also have biologicals that induce fertile heat and synchronize estrus.
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  1. Rhini Shield™ TX4 (Elanco)
    QC Part #540580
  2. (R/x) SMZ-Med® 454 (Bimeda®)
    QC Part #540909
  3. LitterGuard® LT-C (Zoetis)
    QC Part #540226
  4. LitterGuard® (Zoetis)
    QC Part #540400
  5. RespiSure-ONE® (Zoetis)

    Starting at $29.34

  6. Majestic™ 7 (Merck)
    As low as $46.85 - $112.26
    QC Part #540503
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