Poultry & Gamebirds

Poultry & Gamebirds

Protect poultry and gamebirds from disease, boost their immune systems and improve egg shell quality with our selection of pharmaceutical products. Prevent Necrotic Enteritis, Coccidiosis, Blue Comb and Ulcerative Enteritis with Amprol 128, BMD, and Lincomix. LS-50, Gallimycin PFC, SpecLinx-50 and Spectam all treat/prevent Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD). Other products available for poultry and gamebirds include Vitamins & Electrolytes Plus, Streseez, Aspirin Liquid Concentrate, Poultry Nutri-Drench, Aqua-DEE, Dawelyte and Pen Aqua Sol-G.
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  1. Amprol® 128 (Huvepharma®)
    QC Part #540301
  2. BVS Dry Cider Vinegar
    QC Part #549990
  3. (R/x) SMZ-Med® 454 (Bimeda®)
    QC Part #540909
  4. BVS Starter Pak
    QC Part #549992
  5. StresEEZ® Plus (Dawe's)
    QC Part #540384
  6. Aspirin Powder

    Starting at $6.71

    QC Part #GR37
  7. Citric Acid

    Starting at $2.61

    QC Part #GR368
  8. Dawelyte® (Dawe's)

    Starting at $2.75

    QC Part #GR370
  9. GroGel™ Plus B (Dawe's)

    Starting at $3.14

    QC Part #GR372
  10. Poultry Nutri-Drench™ (Bovidr Labs)

    Starting at $32.01

    QC Part #GR429
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