Mastitis Control

Mastitis Control

Albadry Plus and Orbeseal Dry Cow Intramammary Teat Sealant are used on dry cows to prevent mastitis. Injectible mastitis products include Bacterin, Lysigin, Masti-Clear and Today/Cefa-Lak. We have a number of items to treat chapped, scraped, cracked, bruised or irritated teats and udders such as Naylor Udder Balm, Freezgard, Glycerin USP and Naylor Teat Dilators. The California Mastitis Test Kit comes with a four-chambered paddle for testing. Intrauterine Bolus is an antiseptic and proteolytic aid for intrauterine or topical wound application.
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  1. Masti-Clear™ (Hanford)
    QC Part #541021
  2. Tomorrow® (Boehringer)
    QC Part #540974
  3. CMT Test Kit (ImmuCell)
    QC Part #540975
  4. Corona® Multi-Purpose Ointment
    $9.98 - $15.44
    QC Part #540958
  5. Go-Dry™ (Hanford)
    QC Part #541020
  6. J-5 E.Coli Bacterin

    Starting at $41.46

    QC Part #GR347
  7. Lysigin® (Boehringer)

    Starting at $17.84

    QC Part #GR348
  8. Albadry Plus™ (Pfizer)

    Starting at $39.36

    QC Part #GR354
  9. Heatmount® Detector (Kamar)

    Starting at $6.58

    QC Part #GR355
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