Bar Guard 99 prevents the K99 strain of E.coli scours in calves and is also effective for the early stages of milk diarrhea. Lysigin and J-5 E.coli Bacterin both work to prevent mastitis. Catron IV, Cororna Ointment, Blu-Kote and Red-Kote all are used as an antiseptic for wounds. Corona Ointment can also be used as a teat and udder dressing and Catron IV will kill and repel flies and maggots and control ear ticks. Eazi-Breed ensures more pregnancies and milk by improving the timing and efficiency of any breeding program. The Orbeseal Dry Cow Intramammary Teat Sealant Device is used for prevention of new intramammary infections through the dry period. Balms include Udder Essence Better Balm, Bova Cream, Bag Balm, Original Udder Balm, Fiebing's Udder Balm and Happy Cow Udder Balm.
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  1. Catron® IV (Bayer)
    QC Part #540532
  2. Original Udder Balm®
    $7.76 - $9.86
    QC Part #541031
  3. Dr Naylor® Red-Kote®
    QC Part #542050
  4. Dr Naylor® Blu-Kote®
    QC Part #540960
  5. Corona® Multi-Purpose Ointment
    $9.98 - $15.44
    QC Part #540958
  6. Bag Balm®
    $6.58 - $9.88
    QC Part #545539
  7. Happy Cow Udder Balm

    Starting at $3.09

    QC Part #GR1014
  8. Fiebing's Udder Balm

    Starting at $3.09

    QC Part #GR1013
  9. Pro-Bac-C Medicated For Dairy Calves
    $56.16 - $384.29
    QC Part #540802
  10. Bar-Guard-99™ (Boehringer)
    QC Part #540490
  11. J-5 E.Coli Bacterin

    Starting at $41.46

    QC Part #GR347
  12. Lysigin® (Boehringer)

    Starting at $17.84

    QC Part #GR348
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