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  1. Hi-Lo Heat Lamp
    Hi-Lo Heat Lamp
    QC Part #260018
  2. Quality Heat Lamp with Grounded Cord
  3. Retroliter Heat Lamp Fixture
    Retroliter® Heat Lamp Fixtures

    Starting at $15.49

    QC Part #GR948
  4. Halogen Heat Lamp
    Halogen Heat Lamp
    QC Part #260079
  5. Quality Heat Lamps
    $9.39 - $10.49
    QC Part #260020
  6. Budget Heat Lamp
    $7.89 - $8.19
    QC Part #260025
  7. NI-2 Central Housing
    QC Part #260150
  8. MicroZone™ Power Modulator
    QC Part #260201
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The Scorpion® III heats two litters with only one bulb. This heat lamp has the best heating pattern of any heat lamp. Unlike other heat lamps with a circular heating pattern, the Scorpion® III provides a rectangular heating pattern with no hot spots. Other options include the Retroliter, Hi-Lo, quality, budget and halogen heat lamps. MicroZone has a heat lamp and heat mat controller, power modulator, power supply and temperature sensing probe. We also carry the Retroliter CZ20 Dual Power Control,