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The Portasol Gas Dehorner is a portable gas dehorner that provides quick and effective dehorning for up to 45 minutes. The Electric Dehorner X-50 is easy to use with no blood loss or open flesh wound. We also carry an electric tail docker/beak trimmer, IR gamebird attachment, BC blade for baby chicks, IR blade for gamebirds, O-No-More calf claimer powder, Calf Claim, Bite-Rite kits and sticks, navel cord clips, Splayleg STOP AND Orvus W A Paste.
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  1. Large Blue Bite-Rite Kit
    QC Part #140662
  2. Splayleg STOP (Box of 20)
    QC Part #141300
  3. Electric Tail Docker/Beak Trimmer
    QC Part #140064-D
  4. Udder Tech® Waterproof Shoulder Guard
    As low as $20.99
    QC Part #321010
  5. Electric Dehorner X-50
    QC Part #140075
  6. Red Bite-Rite Kit
    QC Part #140660
  7. Navel Cord Clips
    QC Part #140899
  8. BC Blade for Baby Chicks
    QC Part #140077
  9. Insulated Calf Coat

    Starting at $38.31

    QC Part #GR825
  10. Porcichew® - Swine Welfare Toy
    As low as $14.44
    QC Part #140650
  11. Shapley's™ Original M-T-G™
    QC Part #440446
  12. Split Gard Safety Hobble
    QC Part #141181
  13. IV Set
    QC Part #140875
  14. Hanging Bar for Bite-Rite
    QC Part #140664
  15. IR Gamebird Attachment
    QC Part #140076
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