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  1. Wahl/Lister Cover Cote Blade
    QC Part #441815
  2. ARCO® SE Rechargable Clipper
    QC Part #140736
  3. Wahl/Lister Surgical Blade
    QC Part #441813
  4. Wahl/Lister Fine Blade
    QC Part #441814
  5. Blade Ice™
    QC Part #140734
  6. Wahl® Blade Oil
    QC Part #140737
  7. Andis Medium Blending Blade
    QC Part #441826
  8. Oster® Surgical Blade
    QC Part #441816
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The Oster PowerPro Ultra Clipper has the combination of power, speed and sweep for superior cutting performance. Wahl's Show Pro Electric Clipper was designed by animal lovers to be fast and dependable with a quiet and reliable electromagnetic motor. The ARCO SE Rechargeable Clipper has an adjustable five-position high carbon detachable blade. For quiet clipping, try the one-handed mane and fetlock clipper.Wahl's Blade Ice works as a lubricant, coolant and cleaner for your cliopper. Replacement battery packs, chargers and blades are available.