The Uncle Moe Pig and Lamb Holder self-adjusts to hold pigs up to 50 pounds and can be operated by one person. The T-Bone Carcass Puller pulls carcasses easier and is safer to use since it has no cables to break or slip off. Other haulers and snares available include the Posi-Lock hog hauler, Skyler hog catcher, Shorty snare, J Snare, EZ Snatcher, The Hook and gilt and sow neck tethers.
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  1. Shorty Hog Snare
    QC Part #50039
  2. Skyler Hog Catcher
    QC Part #50040
  3. The "Hook"
    QC Part #50042
  4. J-Snare Hog Holder
    QC Part #50023
  5. T-Bone Carcass Puller
    QC Part #50034
  6. Grip 'n Grab®
    QC Part #50054
  7. Tough Tong for Poultry
    QC Part #422043
  8. Gilt Tether Latch
    QC Part #50037-L
  9. Sow Tether Latch
    QC Part #50038-L
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