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  1. Carcass Cart - View 1
    Carcass Cart
    QC Part #50399
  2. 4-Wheel Carcass Cart
    QC Part #50313
  3. Hog Sow Hauler-Heavy Duty
    Hog Sow Hauler - Heavy-Duty
    QC Part #50311
  4. Dead Sled
    QC Part #50290
  5. Solid Panel Hog Hauler
    QC Part #50314
  6. Winch Handle
    QC Part #50321
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The Dead Sled can hold up to 600 pounds. It can pull and load from either end with no winches or cables. the heavy-duty Hog Sow Hauler has a 1,200-pound winch. The 4-Wheel Carcass Cart is user-friendly in hard to reach places. The Solid Panel Hog Hauler has a 800-pound capacity and a 900-pound winch. The Boar Buzzard has a powerful 12-volt, 4,000-pound winch allowing you to lift 2,000 pounds with little effort. Replacement parts are available including winches, wheels, cables, pulleys and wheel bearings.