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  1. Air Chute
    $20.49 - $122.99
    QC Part #10647
  2. MAG 1® Belt Dressing
    QC Part #380286
  3. Fan Cover
    $45.99 - $86.99
    QC Part #10650
  4. Winter Shutter Cover
    QC Part #300730
  5. Clarcor Vari+Plus® Synthetic Air Filter

    Starting at $133.99

    QC Part #GR976
  6. Clarcor XTREME+Plus™ Pre-Filter

    Starting at $4.79

    QC Part #GR977
  7. Clarcor Plastic Inlet Housing

    Starting at $184.99

    QC Part #GR978
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Reduce the possibility of airborne contaminants entering your facility with Clarcor Plastic Inlet Housing and air filters. Multifan's fan covers are made of heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon and are made to your exact specifications. Smoke Sticks help you evaluate air movement within your buildings. We also have an air chute, MAG 1 Belt Dressing and a desktop wind tower fan.