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Exceed™ Food Plot Seed - 11 lbs.

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Exceed will create a high-protein forage food plot increasing antler and fawn growth.

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Exceed™ is a 1-2-3 punch of plants combined to produce a food plot that can withstand forage pressure and provide an abundance of high-protein forage. Increases antler and fawn growth.

Contents: 11 lb. bag

Tips to Establish Spring & Summer Food Plots:

  1. Plant after spring green-up has started . . . don’t let your food plot be the only green thing for miles! By planting while native plants are at the height of sweetness during the natural spring green-up season, you will reduce the feeding pressure while the food plot is young.
  2. Plant multiple food plots at the same time or plant large areas. By doing this you will decrease the feeding pressure on all of the food plots and increase the success of your summer plots.
  3. Spray the edges of the food plot with deer repellents that make plants taste bad. Apply to the edges of the food plot and the native forage that surrounds the plot.
  4. Spring amd summer food plots do not have to be placed deep in the woods where you intend to hunt during the fall. Create food plots in areas that may already have low fencing or human activity that will reduce early deer browsing until the forage is tall and the deer are more camouflaged.

Forage plant seeds contained in the Exceed™ mixture:

Lablab: Lablab beans are a fast-growing legume producing tons of high protein forage (up to 27%). Lablab produces thousands of vines climbing up and over the rest of the food plot. Once established, it is hard for deer to overgraze even though it is a highly preferred plant. Highly palatable and high in protein, Lablab is an important tool in managing your deer herd.

Forage Soybeans: Forage soybeans were developed to produce an abundant supply of the high-protein legume leaves deer will continue to eat all summer. Unlike regular soybeans developed to produce seeds, these new forage soybean plants were developed to keep producing tender leaves deer cannot resist. They will keep growing and will stay sweet by producing new leaves all summer.

Corn: Corn is a comfort forage for deer. In Exceed™, corn serves several purposes — it acts as a cover crop that protects the young bean plants as they establish, and serves as an energy and food source for deer and gamebirds during the fall. Corn also allows the beans to grow taller and produce more rapidly as they vine onto the stalks. This provides excellent cover for all types of wildlife including gamebirds and deer.

Moisture, soil preparation and planting depth are crucial to the success of your food plot.

  1. Cultivate plot 4-6 inches deep
  2. Add 150 lbs. 13-13-13 fertilizer per 1/2 acre and add lime as needed
  3. Broadcast and cover seed with up to 1/2" of soil; or drill 1/2" deep

Soil Preparation: To plant Exceed™ properly you will need a firm, well-prepared seed bed, both limed and fertilized. It is recommended to break the ground and cultivate the soil 4”- 6” deep. Remove all competing weeds and then add fertilizer and lime as recommended. After properly cultivating, lightly pack the soil before seeding your plot. You can lightly pack the soil by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

  • Fertilizer requirements  — For optimum results, a soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine the need for fertilizer and lime. If a soil test cannot be done, prepare the seed bed by applying up to 150 lbs of 13-13-13 fertilizer or equivalent per 1/2 acre. We also recommend fertilizing when the plants are 10” tall with 20 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate or equivalent per 1/2 acre to increase the protein and forage available as Exceed begins to be heavily grazed by your deer herd. Do not fertilize during a drought.
  • pH of soil and liming — The recommended soil pH is 6.0-7.5. A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your soil pH and the need for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 1,000 lbs of lime per 1/2 acre. Soil pH is extremely important since the pH of the soil helps determine if the plants can metabolize the fertilizer in the soil and therefore determines if the plants can grow.

Planting Depth: Exceed™ contains fairly large seeds that need to be planted 3/8" - 1/2" deep. This can be accomplished by mechanical drill or by broadcasting the seed evenly over the seed bed, and covering with up to 1/2" of soil. If broadcasting, covering the seed can be accomplished by dragging the plot.

Moisture: Soil moisture is vital to the plants being able to establish themselves. The soil should be moist when planting, with a reasonable expectation of future rainfall.

Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 71108

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