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Edge™ Pro Main Controller

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The idea of making things simpler for the producer has been incorporated into all aspects of this controller.


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This versatile and intuitive controller allows it and you to handle all control applications, including breeding, gestation, farrowing, nursery, and finishing. The Edge™ Pro Controller was designed to be the only controller on the market that can be configured to match your operation's specific requirements.

It is flexible enough to be adapted to new construction or existing system upgrades. Throughout your animals' growth stages, you and the Edge™ remain in control, managing and monitoring the ventilation, cooling, heating, feeding and watering systems.

More than a product, Edge™ is the next generation of controller, a platform designed to evolve and expand with you and your operation for years to come.

Standard Features:

  • Information at a Glance: Navigation is easy with the large, 15" color touch screen. Allows for quick, easy navigation. The buttons are large enough to be touched even when wearing gloves. Color-coded notifications give you real-time status of your entire operation. Site-wide conditions can also be monitored from the touchscreen
  • Self-Diagnostics: The built-in self-diagnostics make troubleshooting easy. Before you flip through a manual or call tech support, self-diagnostics can identify a number of issues. The system can tell you when a sensor is disconnected or incorrectly wired, if a piece of equipment is drawing too much or too little current, or if the internet connectivity is down. It will pinpoint exactly where the problem is and what you need to do to fix it
  • Current Sensors: Each variable output and relay is equipped with a current sensor, which allows the system to monitor electrical current. By monitoring the power usage, the system will check to see if a configured device is drawing too much current due to a motor or wiring problem, or too little current because the fan is not running or has been disconnected
  • Remote Connectivity: Plug in an Ethernet cable and you are ready to take control of the system from your truck, office, couch, or anywhere in between. If a problem occurs and an alarm is triggered, you will be immediately notified via text message or email, instead of finding out hour later or the next day, when it may already be too late to fix the problem. You can remotely connect via any web-enabled device - computer, tablet, smart phone - to see what is wrong, correct the problem, or determine if you need to go to the site
  • Triple Layer Protection: Triple-layers of protection, with fail-safe redundancy to control mission-critical functions
  • Multi-Room/Multi-Barn Control: You can control multiple barns or rooms with a single controller using one interface. Edge™ reduces management complexity and offers you considerable cost savings by eliminating the need to have a separate controller for each barn. One Edge™ system can easily do what up to 64 individual controllers used to do. You can also add an additional controller to act as a backup, for additional security and reliability. With this configuration, if a controller fails, all the rooms continue to operate without interruption
  • Modular Architecture: Allows the system to be built to your needs. This system can be scaled with the appropriate number of inputs and outputs and becomes more economical as your operation expands. The system's modular plug-and-play architecture consists of a main controller similar to an industrial tablet. Separate from the controller are 2 styles of expansion modules that can each hold either 3 or 6 plug-in modules
  • Plug-In Modules: They serve different functions, allowing you to customize the system based on your specific configuration. Once the module is plugged in, it identifies itself and tells the system it functionality. Edge™ has been designed to grow with you and your operation. As you expand, add new modules to reflect new functionality. As new technologies and applications are introduced, new module cards can be designed to match your requirements, allowing you to integrate a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system
  • Multiple Types of Inputs: Want to measure inputs like temperature, static pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, water meters or feeder run time? You can do all of that and more with the Edge™. More abilities are being added all the time
  • LED Temperature Probes: Barn start-up can be extremely time-consuming. The patent pending LED temperature probes simplify installation and take the hassle out of individually identifying the location of each probe
  • Rugged for the Environment: High humidity, wide temperature swings, and corrosive gasses (like ammonia) can wear down products, causing premature failure of equipment. Designed to tolerate temperatures from -4° F to 122° F, and a relative humidity range of 0-95%
  • Secure Wire Configuration: The wire management system is designed for easy access, with the main high voltage wires physically separated from the low voltage wires
  • Configuration Wizard: The built-in configuration wizard is designed to guide you through the initial set-up by prompting you with questions about each of the specific applications that have been installed. Simply input the fans, inlets, temperature probes, and other equipment you have, where they are located and the production type (gestation, breeding, farrowing, nursery, finishers). Based off this information, Edge™ will automatically configure run settings to operate at optimal conditions. All AP manufactured products come pre-loaded, the settings will self-populate automatically, which saves you set-up time. You can always go back and modify settings as you see fit
  • Ventilation Based on CFM Per Head: Determining the necessary ventilation typically requires producers using complicated calculations to convert CFM per head into ventilation stages. With Edge™ in control, you can ensure you are accurately controlling the environment by inputting CFM per head values and the number of animals in a room/building. The controller takes it from there, automatically determining the proper inlet settings, fan stages and variable outputs for the building/room
  • Global Support:
      Multi-Language Support: Switching languages is as simple as using a button on the main screen. The system supports all major languages for the region in which it is installed, so you can customize for global operations. Regardless of the language, you can train your employees on one system and it will work the same way anywhere in the world
    • Multi-Region Certificates: As with languages, Edge™ has the appropriate certifications for the regions in which it is sold so it can be deployed in all markets. For North America, it is UL/CSA certified, and in the European Union, it is CE-approved
Brand AP
Manufacturer Part Number KEDG-MC-P
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