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Dirt Bag™ Dry Molasses Deer Attractant

, 20716
QC Supply Part #: 510468
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This dry molasses attractant looks like dirt, but attracts like crazy.

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With a color and texture resembling dirt, UV enhancement and the aroma of dried molasses, Dirt Bag™ is appealing to a deer's eyes and nose. Looks like dirt, attracts like crazy. Treated with Gio-Cote, an ultra-violet enhanced visual attractant, it is visible to deer, but unseen by the human eye.

How to Use:

  • Once you have selected your site, remove all vegetation from the chosen site area approximately 4' in diameter
  • Once the ground is cleared, rake the soil to loosen and make a slight depression in the site so it will hold some rainfall, making run-off less likely
  • Spread the entire contents of the bag over the site area
  • Do not cover the minerals
  • If you want immediate deer action on the site, wet down the site with a gallon of water after applying

Contents: 5 lb bag

Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 20716

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