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Detex® Soft Bait w/Lumitrack® - 8 lbs

Bell Laboratories , DS1008
QC Supply Part #: 230104
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Non-toxic soft bait designed to help track and locate rodent infestations.

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A Non-Toxic Rodent Monitoring Bait.

When you need help locating where unwanted pest rodents are getting in and hiding, you need Detex® Soft Bait w/Lumitrack®. This 8 lb pail of non-toxic monitoring and tracking bait contains Lumitrack®, a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under black light.

This indispensable tool for monitoring rodent activity will also track rodent movement and identify rodent harborage. By tracking droppings of rodents who have consumed this product, you can identify the specific species and size of an infestation, as well as track rodent movement and nesting areas. Active burrows become visible under black light as well.

Perfect for monitoring rodent activity in schools, food warehouses, zoos, parks and other sensitive accounts. Once rodent activity is detected, this non-toxic bait can be replaced with a rodenticide bait, trap or other rodent control product to get rid of the infestation.

The 15g sachets of soft bait includes an extruded hole in the center, making it easier to place onto the rod and allowing it to be placed more consistently and securely. Specially developed to achieve sustained palatability, making it ideal for long-term applications. Designed to withstand almost any climate; it won't freeze, melt or mold.

Also available: #230103 — Detex® BLOX with Lumitrack® in an 8.8 lb pail.

Brand Bell Laboratories
Manufacturer Part Number DS1008

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