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Deer co-Cain® Gel - 40 oz.

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This sticky sweet gel will draw deer in by releasing a mineral vapor trail that will entice deer to form a large deer wallow.

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Draw deer in with Deer co-Cain® Gel. This beneficial mineral supplement attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After the first application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. Bucks seeking minerals for overall health and rack development will be drawn to the site to lick, paw, mark and consume the minerals.

Bucks will want to protect the Deer co-Cain® site by rubbing, scraping and rolling in the mineral site to mark it as their own. This action will naturally lead to the attraction of more deer. Over time, a large deer wallow will be created as many deer develop the habit of frequenting the site to consume the beneficial minerals.

Contents: 40 oz. bottle of gel

Directions for Application: Thickly spread over a decaying log or stump and it will slowly soak into the wood, making the whole thing a treat that your deer will consume. Reapply until the entire stump or log is consumed. Can be used to create a lick on bare ground by just pouring over the site and letting it soak in.

Reapplication: Once you have established your site with Deer co-Cain® Mix (#510018), use Deer co-Cain® Time-Release Block (#510020) to keep your site active for a whole season. Try ready-to-use Deer co-Cain® Liquid (#510019) to activate or reactivate mineral sites quickly and easily. Deer co-Cain® Gel can be used to coat logs or bare soil or mixed with corn or grain. Once deer have begun actively consuming the minerals, you can reapply no sooner than 30 days after first application. Normally, you would not need to reapply for at least 60 days.

If over applications are made to the site, deer will stop using it until some of the minerals leach out of the site. Remember, deer will create a large wallow and all of the vegetation in the area of an active Deer co-Cain® mineral site will be eaten or destroyed. Therefore, choose your supplemental site carefully and allow for a total active site diameter of 10'.

Site Selection: Picking the right location to establish your Deer co-Cain® site is very important to site success. Deer instinctively want to conceal themselves from predators, therefore it is recommended to select a shaded area on the edge of a deer crossing where deer normally conceal themselves. Also, choose a site at least 10’ off normally active deer trails.

Reasons for not making supplement sites directly on active deer trails: 1. You may put wary bucks on notice that something has changed and risk spooking your buck. 2. Deer co-Cain® sites will grow over time into a large wallow up to 10’ in diameter, destroying the trail. 3. The more concealed a site is, the more comfortable the deer will be, meaning they will stay longer at the site consuming the minerals.

Deer co-Cain® works well in a wide range of soil types,  but heavier clay-type soils will hold the minerals for a longer period of time. Sandier soils tend to lose the minerals a little sooner. If you are in a sandy soil area, we recommend using our Deer co-Cain® Time-Release Block to keep the minerals available for a longer period of time. When establishing your mineral site, also consider that acidic soil sites have proven to have heavier deer activity than alkaline soil sites.

When To Use: The key is to put out Deer co-Cain® immediately and keep it active to begin patterning deer to your supplement sites. Start now and within weeks you’ll discover Deer co-Cain® drives deer crazy. Deer co-Cain® works all year, although deer actually consume different amounts of minerals during each season of the year. By instinct, deer pattern themselves all year around mineral sources they can depend on to supply them with the minerals that they need during each season. Deer co-Cain® works like no other product to bring deer to new mineral sites all year long as deer seek out the source of an odor they instinctively need. See the “Mineral Site-Activity Chart” below to know what to expect each season.


  • Early Spring: Heavy consumption of minerals by does carrying fawns, and bucks building up mineral reserves needed for new antler growth after their antler drop
  • Spring: Heavy consumption of minerals by lactating does, and by bucks using up mineral reserves growing new racks.
  • Summer: Consumption of minerals by both does and bucks to aid them in many areas including digestion and antler development.
  • Fall: Consumption continues into the fall as deer begin to prepare for cold weather.
  • Winter:  Consumption continues throughout the winter period. However, during the rut, doe consumption will increase and buck consumption decreases. Mineral sites are often used by rutting bucks as a scrape and are heavily marked as they look for the does that have frequented their site.
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 20356

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