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Cool Cell Powder Descaler

QC Supply Part #: 160717
Shipping: Standard
Price From: $23.99 - $817.99

Tough enough to handle all minerals in fresh water and still pull minerals off the surface. Available in 3 sizes.


Remove stubborn minerals from your water supplies with Cool Cell Powder Descaler from DeVere.


  • Use in water storage systems, pumps, water nozzles, spray deflectors, evaporative cooling pads and drains
  • Tough enough to handle all minerals in fresh water and still pull minerals off the surface
  • Will work in hard or soft water
  • Will not damage pads
  • Flush and replace the entire cooling water reservoir every week
  • Ratio: 4 lbs/100 gal of water (0.5% solution)

Available in 3 Sizes — 8 lb., 100 lb., 400 lb.

Start-Up Procedures:

  1. Gently brush dirt and other debris off dry pads.
  2. Flush systems with water, check for proper flow and fix leaks (clear all plugged headers).
  3. Check for proper flow and fix leaks.
  4. Circulate the 0.5% (by weight) solution of Powder Descaler for one week.
  5. Dump entire contents reservoir system and rinse away any sediment.

Operating Procedures:

  1. Dump entire contents reservoir tank.
  2. Rinse any sediment from tank.
  3. Fill reservoir tank with clean water.
  4. Add enough Powder Descaler to evaporative cooling system to make 0.5% (by weight) solution (4 pounds (1.8 kg) per 100 gallons (380 L) of water).
  5. Inspect headers and clear plugged sections.
  6. Circulate solution through system as needed.
  7. Flush and replace entire cooling water reservoir every week.
  8. Clean outside surfaces of pads every month or when pads look visibly clogged with organic soil and debris.
Brand DeVere

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Stuff does what it says

    Review by on Sep 6, 2014

    I took the tack of soaking my two large rigid swamp cooler pads in the solution mix suggested on the product. I think it worked out to 1/2 lb. of powder to 12 1/2 gallons of water. I soaked the first half side for 1 hr. and it took off probably 70% of the built up calcium/lime/scale. Then I flipped it over and am soaking the other side for 2 hours to see if there is any improvement. I can see the minerals clumped and sitting at the bottom of my soaking container. Looks like it's going to work out! And the rigid cardboard pad looks none the less for wear.

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