Power Failure Alarms

Power Failure Alarms

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  1. Murphy 20P-75 Swichgage - View 1
    Murphy 20P-75 Swichgage®
    QC Part #120385
  2. Power Fail Siren
    QC Part #90980
  3. Sensaphone Alarm Monitor - Model 400
  4. Ag-Alert 800 EZK Alarm System
    QC Part #390750
  5. 30' Temperature Probe
    QC Part #PROBE
  6. Power-Out Alert™
    QC Part #390552
  7. 18" Temperature Probe
    QC Part #PROBES
  8. Replacement Probes for Aerotech Controls

    Starting at $30.05

    QC Part #GR190
  9. Thermalarm III

    Starting at $50.99

    QC Part #GR732
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Monitor power and temperature at your business or shop with power failure alarms from Sensaphone, Agri-Alert, Thermalarm and Watchdog. Once the Sensaphone® detects a problem it automatically starts dialing your pre-programmed phone numbers and advises you of the problem.

The Power Fail Siren will activate after 10 minutes of power fail or sooner if coming from a dry contact switch. Surge protectors, water detection sensors, and motion detectors are also available.