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  1. Air Chute
    $20.49 - $122.99
    QC Part #10647
  2. Aerotech® 51" Vortex® Fan
    QC Part #10015-51
  3. Aerotech® 24" Vortex® Fan
    QC Part #10015-24
  4. Multifan MF36 Series Fan
    QC Part #10176
  5. Aerotech® 18" Vortex® Fan
    QC Part #10015-18
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Move air out of warehouses, machine sheds, manufacturing plants, greenhouses and tunnel ventilated facilities with exhaust fans from DURAFAN, Multifan, and Aerotech.

DURAFAN Series II Fiberglass Exhaust Fans come in five sizes from 12" to 52." The fiberglass housing will not distort in warm weather and the aluminum motor mount resists corrosion. Aerotech Advantage Fans have tapered and extended cones for smoother airflow and greater efficiency. Sizes range from 9" to 48." We also carry J&D Manufacturing Wall Master fans.