Metal Repair & Protection

Metal Repair & Protection

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  1. Dakota Shine Aerosol Kit
    Dakota Shine® Aerosol Kit
    QC Part #381700
  2. Dakota Shine Pro Kit
    Dakota Shine® Pro Kit
    QC Part #381701
  3. Dakota Shine Aerosol Can 11.5 oz.
  4. Vanberg Rust Converter

    Starting at $10.99

    QC Part #GR1067
  5. Vanberg AMC-100™ Metal Coating

    Starting at $90.99

    QC Part #GR1068
  6. Vanberg Seam Tape
    QC Part #470264
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Extend the life of your metal with Vanberg's line of metal repair and protection products. We carry AMC-100™, EM-15™, as well as additional VCS Rust Converter and VCS Seam Tape. Both the AMC-100™ and EM-15™ are available separately in 1 or 5 gallon containers or as part of a 1 gallon kit that includes Rust Converter and Seam Tape.