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Coil for Solenoid Valve

Hit Products Corp
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24V Coil for Solenoid Valve 120149.1
110V Coil for Solenoid Valve 120152
220V Coil for Soleniod Valve 120149

Coil For 24V, 110V or 220V Solenoid Valve.

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24V, 110V or 220V Coil for Solenoid Valve.

#120149.1 - 24V Solenoid Valve - #120150-24, 120271-24 and 120144-24

#120152 - 110V Solenoid Valve - #120150, 120271-110 and 120144-110

#120149 - 220V Solenoid Valve - #120150-220

Brand Hit Products Corp

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Dec 23, 2016

    Great Product Will buy again

  • 5 Stars

    Solenoid replacement for aerator tank valve

    Review by on Oct 6, 2015

    This solenoid (part number 120152) can be used to replace a failed one in the 110 volt valve assembly (model 210-I00) commonly used to control the filling of an aerator tank in domestic water systems.
    When your valve fails and the tank does not fill up properly, or does not stop filling and overflows, shut off the pump that feeds it but do not throw the valve assembly away. The diaphragm part of the valve (which is in line with the piping) is very likely in good working condition but the solenoid is failing to open or close it. This solenoid is an easy screw on replacement and saves the expense of a complete valve assembly that may even require cutting and replacing the surrounding piping. Try the solenoid replacement first. Just make sure that you have turned off the power (from the nearby pump) to the two wires on the solenoid before disconnecting and reconnecting them.
    Note: the tank filling failure can also be due to a faulty float valve (inside the aerator tank) that no longer sends its signal to the solenoid, or both, but most times it is simply the solenoid. Don't go paying a water technician hundreds of dollars for this repair. It is a straightforward do-it-yourself fix. I've saved a lot of money using this solenoid replacement from QC Supply several times, and it is well worth buying a spare one ahead of time to minimize the downtime of your water system. Nice part, great supplier.

  • 5 Stars

    Excellent solenoid valve coil replacement

    Review by on Oct 28, 2013

    I needed a new 110v coil for a Hit Products 120-000 PVC solenoid valve that fills the aerator tank on my domestic water system in Venice, Florida. All the major building suppliers and minor hardware stores and plumbers in town stocked only complete valves, and almost all of them were 24v. I tried Amazon and EBay and many other internet sites but QC was the only place online where I could find this 110v coil. It is actually better made than the original coil, particularly the critical rod that moves when the current actuates the coil. This makes for a very nice and economical valve repair. Thanks QC!

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