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Clarcor Vari+Plus® Synthetic Air Filter - 20" x 24" x 12"

Clarcor , 1127010
QC Supply Part #: 340851
Shipping: Standard
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Resistant to the moist and corrosive environments of barns, this filter is a vital component of a comprehensive bio-security program.


A vital component of comprehensive bio-security programs.

Use this Clarcor Vari+Plus® Air Filter as a vital component of a comprehensive bio-security program to limit the spread of PRRS Virus and Mhyo Bacteria.

To reduce the possibility of airborne contaminants bypassing the filter and entering the animal air space, the media packs of the filter are sealed around the perimeter edge. This is an excellent option in environments where high air flow capacity and low resistance are important.

Features & Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces the aerosol transmission of PRRS Virus and Mhyo Bacteria
  • LOG 6 removal performance / MERV 15
  • 100% synthetic media that is resistant to moist, corrosive environments
  • Resistant to moist, corrosive environments
  • Delivers more airflow than competitor products
  • High efficiency and high capacity
  • V-shaped design delivers greater media area when compared to conventional box-style filters

Weight: 14.8 lbs.

Brand Clarcor
Manufacturer Part Number 1127010



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