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Chicken Waterers & Fountain Drinkers

No matter what type of chicken waterer system your operation requires, QC Supply has what you need. We can meet the waterer needs of the the largest operations to the smallest backyard chicken farmer. Our selection of poultry waterers includes automatic chicken waterers, hanging drinkers, complete drinker systems, fountains and chicken nipples. No matter what type of poultry you raise - chickens, turkeys or gamebirds - QC Supply has you covered.

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About QC Supply

From its humble beginnings in a garage, selling livestock products to local producers in 1982, QC Supply has grown into an International distributor to farms, businesses and resellers worldwide.

Headquartered in Schuyler, NE, QC Supply is comprised of a call center, retail store and the largest of 3 warehouses. Other warehouses are located in Missouri and Oklahoma. The recent acquisition of Gillis Ag resulted in distribution sites in Iowa and Minnesota. A second retail store is located in Elkhorn, NE. All of these locations give QC a closer presence and an ability to more quickly serve customers.

What our customers are saying...

"Best value I could find, and higher quality than I expected."

"This was the only site that had the best price for all the components I needed for my project. Shipping was fast as well. Will definitely use them again!"

"Very reasonably priced shipping, quick turnaround time, and great communication."